How to earn money with Amazon

  • This is most common question what is amazon ❓

Amazon is a platform which help you to earn money 💰 by doing working at home 🏠.Amazon is a internet based business that focus on e-commerce , digital streaming and artificial intelligence.Amazon is a earth most center customer company.It is a safest place trough you can earn easily.

Amazon provide 100 million product on its store .Many businesses partner sell Amazon product which is available on its Amazon business is the most reliable business and help to earn money easily you have to learn what is amazon and how it work and which type of work you can do on Amazon.

Amazon provide many work you can also work as affiliate marketer you have to make account on Amazon.

First step you have to do goes on Google Chrome and search about Amazon then you start to sign up on it and after making account and give information then you have to add information about your bank detail then after making it you have to start your work then you take coupon and link of different products which is given to you

You have to simply copy this link and paste it on different social media account then if anyone buy trough your link you take profit which add in to your account automatically

You earn easily by it and make 100$ easily in month start then gradually and slowly you earn more dollars 💰.

Amazon is also available in Pakistan now many thousand of people work on it and earn money from home.Amazon also work on UK and US.

You can sell your product easily where Amazon operate their business.

There are 3 types of affiliate

UnAttached affiliate

Involved affiliate

Related affiliate

Unattached affiliates marketing

Affiliate marketing has no authority and no connection in the product or service niche.There is no expectations and no recommendations.

Related affiliate marketing

Related affiliate marketing is the practicing of promoting products and services.

Involved affiliate marketing

In this marketing affiliate marketer used their influencer to promote their products






And many other websites you can work as affiliate marketers.

How to become affiliate marketer

First you have to know about affiliate marketing then choose your niche which you want to promote.

Secondly you have to choose right programme

Drive traffic on your site

Then you have to make best content

Pick profitable affiliate program

Increase your affiliate revenue.

There is no costs to join affiliate program to earn money 💰You have to computer and best internet connection then you can do work easily at home the best marketing platform.

You can also find affiliate marketing course free and learn about it if you have no skill the best skill to start your work as affiliate marketer.

You can earn easily through it but in start you earn slowly but you have to keep patience and attract your influencer connect with best audience.


After that you have best skill and work as affiliate marketer and earn money $100 to 20000$ in month

There are many people who work as affiliate marketer.

You can also work as affiliate marketer from home and become self independent and it help you to show your skill to your family house wife’s also work as marketer and today conditions of country is not good so if husband and wife’s both earn money then they will run their house easily so online work provide you best chance to earn money 💰

Before starting work as affiliate marketer you have your you tube channel and your website trough which you can work easily as influencer.Yes it is easy because you have to do zero investment in it and it is also easy for beginners.

Affiliate marketer work as company individual or publisher which promote their products or sales

If you work as affiliate then you get link then when a customer open your link and buy a product then you get commission from it and earn easily after 6o days you get money and check your reward

But you have must social media page which have organic follower and theses increase your sales of product and profit.

If you want to learn it search it on you tube and learn about affiliate program it is free of cost and learn easily by you Tube and start earning why are you waiting for

Go and search for it I will also share many online work which learn and then you earn money 💰

You can also do many work on Amazon for example ebook and drop shipping in which you have to invest small amount and earn big amount but ebook also free for you if you have skill of it you can earn money easily .

I will give you information of many other courses which help you to earn money 💰 and become self employed ❤️









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