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Online earning courses available on this site these are many different courses which help you to explore the world of fiver and upwork.You can earn money at home easily to learn these courses.

Online earning trend 📉 help in the progress of Pakistan and people become self independent by this because after the 16 year education most of the people don’t get job and unemployment cause depression and anxiety in them.

Their life’s become destroyed and they have seen no career for their future and they broke their relations in depression and become rude to everyone.Unemployment cause many complexity in the life of people.

People goes nervous when they have no choice to do something but  if they have skill to show herself then they have to learn the courses.There are many you tube channel which help you to learn in skill but there are many thing which you have to practice there Is another problem if you got skill and not find niche which you have best then your skill doesn’t value and there are many skill in which people are interested and they have their fiver and upwork account and got 5 rate stars and if you are new at this platform you have no order so it is difficult for you

You have to do learn best niche in which you get order easily and earn then you can earn easily and become independent person .Nobody can teach you right skill because everyone want to see himself only at high place so , Learn skill yourself and grow your business 💝

I am here to help you in learning skill by many ways and vedios which help you to earn money

A great skill and best niche if you have writing skill is copywriting.

The basic question arise in our mind what is copywriting ❓

Copywriting Is a skill of writing and you have to sales your skill in a productive way aim to increase brand awareness to people and write best content for brand then people attract to content and sales of brand increase then they give you money in reward of their sales.

What is content writing❓

Content writing is also a skill of writing of a specific website and organize data. Every website have specific 🎯 target audience.

So, if you have skill of content writing then you work also as blogger.

Now you have to decided what you want to learn in this post I will tell about copywriting.

Copywriting example

When you buy a product you read the product detail before you order or buy it this is copywriter work to aware the audience about brand and then they attract to brand and order them.

Many brands of clothes work in Pakistan as


Sana safi naz


Maria B

Gull Ahmed

There are or many brand you have to understand why you buy clothes from this brand there are many clothes without brand present in bazar but you want to buy from limelight.

So, there brand is a brand awareness about there product .

I share my experience about it once I went to a some brand for shopping and I saw there was a huge crowd there outside the shop and then guard tells that the time over to get in shop so people disappoint and move towards the other but also people comes and ask about why time change

Why people attract this brand there was huge crowd because of their copywriting of their brand

So now we got point if we have skill to write then we definitely start this work and write best copy for brand then their sales increase and your income also increase.

How do you make social media copywriting ❓

  1. You have knowledge about the brand


You have knowledge about the taste of people of this area


You have make it specific to target 🎯 audience


You have to use emojis


You have to become relatable


You have to start conversations about the specific area of people.

These are tips which help you to learn skill of copywriting.

There are two startegy is used

1  Advertisment

2 Public relations

There is also a component which help is you in copywriting is SEO

What is seo I explain you in other post.

SEO is a keyword research and make your work unique and make reliable work.You have to make a outline of your content .

If this service help you then I will tell you about also many other course in a short way and also provide vedios on it .

There are many types of copywriting

Email copywriting

Brand copywriting

Public relations copy writing

SEO copywriting

Technical copywriting

I will explain you one by one

First I will explain you about ✉️ email copywriting

Email copywriting

In email copywriting you have to write the content about current perspective and encourage the customer attention.This may encourage customers be a reply conversation trial,sign up and read the blog or post.

Sometimes you have get emails from others and you suddenly open it and get attracted by it open the link which was given and start reading post content.

Email copywriting is a great job of creativity.It is a best niche and high paid niche email marketing help you to become self independent.

You get 1oooooo $ by sailing your one copy so now you can estimate easily if you want to earn in million then you have to knowledge about this skill .

A career of freelance copywriters to have write on business organizations and or a company.

If you do email marketing then you have to use word carefully and make your content reliable.

You have to set your goals

Specific to content

Monitor and track the result help you make best email marketer

Create an email sequence.

Making a list of emails .

If you writing email then you have to start your conversation with greetings and then gradually and slowly move toward the topic then it grab the attention of you customer  and then after grabbing customer attention you will succeed .




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