Online earning with Amazon Kindle

Online earning with Amazon Kindle is free for all of you because it is zero investment work.You can earn easily work on it if you have skill to make your book with Amazon Kindle .

If you are not writer then not disheart you can also do this work easily at home if you have laptop and internet connection 💕.

Amazon Kindle design may be for reading books 📚 you can also earn money from reading books if you have time.

People purchase books in the form of epub and Microsoft word.

And they pay money 💰 for it .

Amazon Kindle is the best way for earning

You have to go on Google search for Amazon Kindle and then sign up it add your information ℹ️.

Second step you have to make your poyneer account and add your bank 🏦 detail because you received your all payments in it.

I will give you all information for it

Go on you tube and search for Amazon Kindle then learn information all from it.

Amazon Kindle is a book publishing work .Amazon Kindle help you to earn money as passive income .Amazon Kindle help you to earn money 💰💰💰

You have to first go on z library and then sign up for it.

I will share all procedure for it

After sign up then you have to download the book in the form of epub but first you have to decided which type of book 📚 you want to make.First you think a name of your book and then translate it in to other languages and search for it.Then after download it open it with translate the document itno English and then download it.

After this you have to set this book their format their style and change according to your way

You have to remove the name of authors and change the summary of this book after doing this task you have to change the format and change the title according to your own after this make a title page for it .

If you have knowledge of graphic designing then you have to go on playstore and search 🔎 for canva and sign up for it After sign up then you have to make a title page 📃

Cover page of your book 📚 will be amaze because canva is free and best app to do something best 🙂

After making title page then you have to add it on your 💥 book and your book is ready then go into your Amazon Kindle account after this upload it and then you upload it then a form will appear what type of book name of book author of book name 📛 and then write story is fiction or nonfiction and write keyword for it for which your book rank.Then after it write the summary and upload it and after this another form appear you have to fill it also and upload the cover of it If your book uploaded then you have to add prices of it .

Make a list of price according to country Amazon ebook price start from 0.98$ to 15$ and hard book price is 5$ to 20$

If your book rank and sale of your book increase then you get money in your reward then people reach your book and read it it also give you money 💰

Amazon Kindle is the best work for everyone who want to earn money online by home you have to do work with your heart if you Want to do it 👍▶️ right now I am here to help you in all ways .

Online earning is the best earning platform

If you have best WiFi connection then you must have to do it now

Amazing courses are also available

You have to do something big to prove your name and become self independent. Amazon Kindle in start you have to gave your 60 days then you earn money I will also provide prove for it because I also did this work and now I decide to tell everyone about these courses which help you to make self employed.

Online earning goes on trending because you have no need to go outside if you are sick or tired and you have no need to get up early in morning you have to manage your time and make easy yourself 😉.

Online earning you can do by many ways through reading books and also writing book 📖

If you are best in content writing then why are you waiting for you have to start your work by own your self and this is the best way of earning and guide others because you have to do this work with team and grow yourself.

Amazon Kindle also help you to make money some fees of bank cut from your payment but you can withdraw it through easypesa and jazzcash by using poyneer.

Amazon also provide many courses you can also work as virtual assistant and also work as drop shipping Amazon work is the best work i will share you all these courses also.

If you want to learn Amazon kindle then goes and learn it from you tube I will also share you tube channel through it you can learn about these courses because after reading you have some query in your mind so if you watched vedios then you can learn easily.

Amazon kindle is the best for also women people make a lot of money from it.

Amazon Kindle teach you about ebook and how to make a ebook for publishing then you learn and make a book in different languages you can also make a book in Turkish language french language in English in Japanese and many other languages by your single click google translator help you to change your book in to other languages and then format it and change the title page of it through canva And make which language you want after setting it you have to upload your book by using same method.

Thank you so much 👍😊

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